Added Winter Course Links - 2/21/2011

So It's been a while since any visible changes have taken place on this website. That's because up until now I've been too lazy to add in actual links to my current winter term courses. However, I've still been making pages behind the scenes in order to hand in my homework assignments. So, all over the site you will now see links to 220b, 250b, and 256b.

If you are unsure what to check out first, I would recommend 220b, as all those assignments link to listenable .wav files. Note that my work for 256b is in the form of zipped Xcode projects that are meant to be installed on an iPhone or iPod. You will not be able to install these programs unless you have an iPhone developer account.

220a Final Project - 12/3/2010

I have put up final project documentation for Music 220a, Foundations of Computer-Generated Sound. The focus of the class was becoming familiar with Chuck, a music- and sound-specific programming language developed by one our professors here at CCRMA, Ge Wang. Many of the students in the class chose to write out their composition using code and then synthesize the project to an audio file, creating the standard 'tape playback' piece. I chose to use some of Chuck's live aspects along with its Human Interface Device (HID) support, to create a musical game that a player interacts with, and that is never the same when it is re-run. The rather simplistic game I came up with uses a binary tree structure to create a tone maze that players must navigate by using their ears. You can hear what it sounds like by checking out the audio examples on the documentation page or you can download the program code and run it yourself using miniAudicle.

250a Homework Documentation - 11/12/2010

For the most part, this website is the place where I document and hand in my class homework assignments. As a result, most of the content is intended to be read by instructors and classmates who understand the material. I am slowly beginning to add documentation and descriptions that make it easier for the average reader to understand exactly what each of my projects is about.

Also, I have just now uploaded drawings and text documentation for homework assignments one and two for Music 250a, Physical Interaction Design for Music. Check it out: Homework 1, Homework 2.

Fall Quarter Classes - 10/25/2010

We are approaching the middle of the semester! It is amazing that the weeks have flown by so quickly, but we are already presenting final project proposals for several of my courses. The assignments and documentation pages I've posted under my course links (above) are still incomplete, but at some point I will be putting up pictures, text and images of my work on most if not all of my assignments. Keep checking back for more!

Welcome! - 9/27/2010

This is the beginning of my CCRMA class portfolio website. I will be posting homework assignments, labs, and project documentation for my work here. Check back in a week or so and things should be up and running. In the meantime, you can check out my official website at here. Have a nice day!