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To some people my interest in fast motorcycles and sports cars might seem a bit bourgeois — but already as a toddler I had this incendiary urge to throw, kick, jump, cut corners, run fast, drive fast, whatever fast — and if it also was delivered with snazzy style, I had no reluctance selling my soul for it. 

Okay, so I happen to be a left-hander who sprauted a lopsided right brain, which is supposedly a bad combination — at least that was the explanation given to my parents when they were puzzled by my so-called irrational and often preposterous decisions as a kid — "Hey mommy, look, no hands!"    You can click this link for some funny research that points to the existence of a so-called adventurous gene, and why they think left-handed "right-brainers" judge things differently.

To look at some pictures of me posing with my toys, click on the thumbnails to the right...

Four Wheel Toys
Two Wheel Toy