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Me and my Roadster puppy... and a tomato —

Here are some pictures of me with a tomato next to my 950kg Eunos roadster.  The photo-shoot was done five in the morning in an alley of downtown Palo Alto, California — shot by Irish photographer extraordinaire Jack Walshe.

If I remember correctly, this shoot was for a tomato distributor who handpicked me to be the poster-boy for their upcoming ad campaign.

(Well, it was actually my dad who demanded that I post some pictures of my toys — guess he's curious to know how I spend my money... especially now since my modeling career is in a hiatus.)

These photos were taken before I got the race-approved Bethania roll-bar.  Other than that, my puppy also has Tokico race suspension, Motegi Racing 6.5" wheels, Torsen Limited Slip Differential, Jackson Racing Sway-bars, intake mods., full OBX Racing Catback exhaust, 16-degree advanced timing, headlight in turn-signal conversion, leather interior with built-in headrest speakers, and some other custom stuff
The tomato is a ripe 2.2oz Campari, produced by EuroFresh Farms.

Click on the thumbnails to view in large.

Roadster Miata.