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As a kid my biggest hobby was fast motorcycles.  Although I was way too young to hold a drivers license of any kind, I was constantly racing motorcycles, even when I was walking, running, or while sitting at my desk at school — I was shifting, braking and gassing my imaginary motobike.  Anything I could get my hands on which involved motobikes, road-racing news, sales catalogs, or plain technical data for the bikes, I'd read it cover to cover.  By the time I was twelve, this interest had grown into more than just a hobby.  Sure, my parents had seen this in me before with other stuff, but this craze for motobikes was starting to take its toll — rather than doing my homework for school, I read motorcycle magazines, and instead of playing with the other kids, I preferred to hang out at the local motorcycle garage/dealer. 

As I grew older I fortunately got other incendiary compulsions to sink my mind into (one which later became my profession — to my dad's dismay, I may add).  Hence, I lost the interest of motorcycles and racing altogether... well, at least so everyone had hoped.  But it's funny how things appear to come and go in circles — nowadays this passion again seems to distract my life/work. 

Even though motobike racing has always been an ultimate dream of mine, I promised long ago to stay away from that temptation altogether... and somehow this is a promise I manage to keep.  But to satisfy this craving, I'm back to where I left off as a kid — watching and reading about it... and of course, riding my motobikes, (the real thing as well as those imaginary ones).

At first I was thinking to dedicate the following pages to my childhood hero Jarno Saarinen, but somehow it turned almost into a study of how his riding style has evolved over the years — rotate, hang off and drag ye knee.