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Me and my Stuttgart puppy —

In an attempt to convince my parents that I actually get great satisfaction from those right-brain toys, I once again teamed up with Irish photographer extraordinaire, Jack Walshe.  This time for another run of milk ads.

So here's a photo-shoot of me, some milk, and my new Porsche, (and yes, the Devil wears Prada).

To get this film-noir feel to the pictures, we decided to do the shoot in the dawn twilight — capturing a luminosity which leaves quite dreary colors and no shadows.  Since it was freezing cold, I shivered like a beagle in a blizzard or a terrier in a tornado, or something like that... (hence, leaving quite a few blurry shots).  The location is in the back of a Palo Alto dive-bar — the Old Pro on El Camino.

The car has a 911 Carrera 3.4 liter engine, while the milk is just shy of 2 liters — I like both.