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Me and my Italian girlfriend

This photo-shoot was done by Jack Walshe a couple of years ago.  Click on the thumbnails to the right to look at them.  To get this eerie, almost film-noir feel to the pictures, we decided to do the shoot in the dawn twilight at 4am — capturing a luminosity which leaves quite dreary colors and no shadows.

Although it should go without saying, the beer bottle in the pictures is just a prop — to drink and operate my Ducati have always been a big no-no.  (I hope this is a clear enough disclaimer for those of you who seem to interpret most everything the wrong way... okay?)

By the way, for you who aren't yet familiar with Ducatis, the quote below might give you an insight into this obsession: In regard to Ducatis vs. women, it has been said, "One is a sexy thing that you've just got to ride, even if it breaks down a lot, costs a lot of money, and will probably try to kill you...."

....however, I can't seem to remember which one is which.