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Last farewell to dad

Here is where my dad drowned August 3rd 2007 — on a Waikiki beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

As he stripped down, his last words were;  "This is paradise!"  ...and then chased after the waves.

This was the morning after my parents had celebrated their anniversary, and my impulsive (and not-too-shy) dad decided to take a swim in his undies while my mother sat on the beach a few yards away, writing her diary, (I was sound asleep at a nearby hotel after a long night at the billiards).  Unfortunately, the lifeguard was attending a kid's cut foot the very same moment my dad went under water.

The soundtrack you hear is one of my dad's favorite — Edith Piaf's "Mon Dieu" — a song my mom and dad had listened to shortly before this very sad and unexpected accident.

Yet another huge void in my life.