A common trait of Guri Berg's work is a highly technical quality in both form and material. Her artistic abilities and her interest in combining art with technology are easily recognized in her work. She has been using mathematical filter-functions as a basis for a series of large oil paintings, and also the sketches of her later sculpture work have often been designed and processed with the aid of a computer. Previously, she worked in San Francisco for almost ten years, and has received several official commissions -- one of which is the largest sculpture by a European female artist -- a 114-ton monument (shown to the right during its casting). Most recently she has been working on a sculpture series in a stone-quarry in Portugal.

Guri studied sculpting, painting and interior design for 13 years, the last five of which at the highest educational institution available for sculpting: The National Academy of Fine Arts in Norway. Over the years, she has received several awards for her outstanding work:
"Guri Berg is showing her strength by choosing her own ways in the sculptural expressions. Her work is indisputably clever and reflects an extraordinary talent."
-- Steinar Christensen, jury chairman and director at The National Academy of Fine Arts

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Guri Berg

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