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Ohlins Steering Damper ($490 incl. brackets)

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It's hard, if not impossible to opt for a steering damper (or any product for that matter) without first testing several of them.. and preferable do so with an A/B test. Unfortunately, there are few products on the market that frown upon any testing at all, making us trust what we hear and read about them. So in my case I trusted the quite prevalent idea which suggests Ohlins' superiority. Though, being a Swedish product, and moreover an expensive one, I'd now acknowledge the Ohlins damper to be one of the few add-on parts which I'm the most happy with. The following was written the day after I mounted it on my bike:

After Kim Le Baron insisted to incorporate a couple of Swedish made head-bearings on my Ducati, I thought I might as well go for a Swedish steering-damper -- well, being a Norwegian, it felt almost like if my bike had contracted a disease. Anyway, some of you might know that the Ohlins comes without any mounting brackets, so I ordered these from Street & Competition (1-800-326-5487) for 83 bucks. After waiting an entire week I finally got them yesterday, but unfortunately found that the frame-bracket didn't fit (being 22 mm instead of 20 mm). Well hell, I got so freaking mad that I couldn't sleep.. just staring (or perhaps; steering) up the ceiling. So later on, in the middle of the night I went to the garage and tried a hack to fit that sucker on.. using some hard leather to fill the 2 mm gap -- and it worked!! Well I didn't get back to bed until 7am though, and shortly thereafter, (as I was dreaming about.. steeringdampers), my ex calls and wakes me up -- "bla blaha bla". After a sleepy conversation with her I jump back into bed, but then I suddenly remember; I GOT AN OHLINS ON MY BIKE -- so on with helmet & leathers and off I go. I decide to go up Page Mill Road (for the SF bay-area locals) which has several turns where I always get into tank-slapping. However, this time no sign of the slightest head shake -- man, what a difference!! As I was riding the bike as if it was on rails, I made a fast hang-off turn, and who's sitting there.. in a white car.. with something on its roof... looking like a ski-rack..?! Well, of course it's the Highway Patrol. What can I do, besides gas it (this is a very Ducati friendly road) -- I figure that before he manage to turn his cage around, I'm back home.. sleeping .. not really, but at least there's no way anyone could catch a Ducati on this road.. unless they use a helicopter and a F-16 and/or radio ahead or something. Well too early to celebrate; shortly thereafter I pass another Highway Patrol, (and this is on a road where we hardy ever see any cops). Now, I'm peeing my pants. So I continue in a speed of.. say, above "average".. up on Skyline, heading north toward Alice's, and as I headed into the wooded area (believe it or not) while I pass a car on double yellow, I meet a third Patrol car.. now I dump in my pants (and now you start to wonder how I gonna get my leathers cleaned..?). But my concern is whether there's a highway patrol-convention in this area or if those dudes are just too occupied by eating doughnuts and observing the scenery, and therefor might not hear my howling Termignonis and see my smoking knee-pucks..? Anyhow, I turn right on Woodside at Alice's and successively start to slow down as if I was on my daily commute to work. So there you have it -- the Ohlins is a heck of a product and is now tested up against the California Highway Patrol -- all for your convenience.

As always, I'm a compulsive liar and someone who frequently exaggerates.