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SKF Steering bearings ($64)

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After 44.000 miles (70.400 km) and a few wheelies I realized that my Ducati was not up to its usual "consistent" run thru the high- speed sweepers anymore since the head steering-bearings were worn out. Fortunately, ex-racer (now housewife) Kim Le Baron stepped into a phone-booth and undressed himself, (how embarrassing isn't that?!) revealing his blue spandex suit with a big red "S" on its front.. and what's that..?.. an airplane..?.. a bird..?.. no it's STEER-BEARING-MAN!! As you might expect, this super-human got a set of bearings and fixed it all in a charm.

Here are the bearing and race numbers:

-- Bearing: #639174
-- Race: #639172