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Black 39T Sprocket ($40)

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Throughout the years I've tried three sizes of rear-sprockets in the following order: 37T, 45T, 39T, and then back to a 45T. The 45T is the best gearing I've had for both race-track and for canyon riding -- it gives an acceleration punch worth more than most power upgrades, (though, when cruising on the freeway at high speeds, I often try to find an imaginary 7th gear..). Btw, my front sprocket has always been a 15T. To prevent rapid chain-wear, the front sprocket should not be smaller than that.

As you might know, a 39T sprocket is the "Bologna standard". In fact, the tall 37-teeth gearing, the standard for the US imports, is just a trick to pass the EPA sound restriction which they measure at 55 mph, (taller gearing gives less rpm and which equals to less noise). However, such a tall gearing isn't very suitable for this kind of bike.