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Race Shifter

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This is yet another free-bee and quick modification, and it's probably the best I've ever done: reversing the shifter to a so-called GP race-pattern (i.e. press down to shift up). I believe anyone who tries this race-shifter, would soon swear by it. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if this pattern will soon become the standard for any production bike. Though I might be biased since I had a Suzuki in the seventies which also had a race pattern and therefore might adapt to it more quickly, but I think it shouldn't be too hard to mentally convert to a race-shift pattern -- an example of that was recently when I was out dirt-riding on a friend's Yamaha TT-500 with a standard shift pattern. I didn't have much of a problem to adopt back to it. The following I wrote in 1997, six months after I switched back to a race-shift pattern:

It surprises me that not all bikes have the race-shift-pattern (push down to shift up) since this makes more sense for any application -- on the street as well as at the racetrack. After I caught my foot inbetween the shifter and the tarmac, going thru the carousel (turn 6 at Sears Point), I finally decided to go for the race pattern myself. The funny thing was that my intermittent problem of having the shifter getting stuck disappeared as soon as I switched to the race pattern, (perhaps because it allows a more precise/soft foot-action). As far as clutchless upshifts is concerned, I rarely do them anymore, and only on lively canyon rides and on the track.