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Headlight Conversion & Race Fairing ($300)

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Yea yea, it looks like an alien.. but this is one of those mods I've done which makes me go to the garage in the middle of the night just to look at her. There are few bikes which I think has a nice frontal -- the new MV Agusta is one of them, (I also like the Triumph 509.. even if it looks like hammered together at your local junk-yard). Since the MV Agusta is $40k, I decided to do another fix on my bike -- an assault which took off some more weight and has now become more functional to bring to the track, (since those lights are fairly easy to remove for the race-prep.). Those headlights are 55W PIAA knock-offs (with a hyper bright, slightly bluish light). The race-fairing is from SharkSkinz. The paint-job was done by Rand Doubleman on Lombard Street in San Francisco (415-440-4474). Click on the "Next" button above if you would like to know how I initially got my hands on a new windscreen after an embarrassing faux pas.