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Race clip-ons & dashboard mod. ($150 + lots of tedious labor)

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I finally caved in and purchased a set of Graves Motorsports race clip-ons for $150. Special thanks to former racer (now housewife) Kim Le Baron for helping to install them.

I didn't realize at first just how much work was involved or the amount of time it required to complete this alteration: I had to cut the sub-frame, move the head-light, dashboard, etc.. which generated an entire chain-reaction leading up to lots of perspiration, tears and foul language -- in fact, I didn't get to bed until 10 o'clock the next morning. Well, as a child I learned that time heals all wounds.. so I've almost forgotten about the hell I had to walk thru just to make a GP ride-position. (see also the Rear-set locators page).