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EBC Greens Brake-pads ($45)

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I managed to squeeze 35.000 miles (56.000 km) out of my stock Brembo brake-pads, which are probably the hardest, long lasting pads on the market. But when I finally got a set of Galfer Greens ($60) a few years ago, I almost kicked myself for waiting so long until I replaced the stock Brembos - the Galfers had superior braking power. But only after 12.000 miles (19.200 km) those were worn out, and I decided to replace them with a set of EBC Greens ($45) which has, as far as I can tell, the same braking power as the Galfers. I'm now curious how long those will last.. stay tuned.

The EBC Green lasted for 11.000 miles (17.600 km). Currently I'm back with some stock Brembos which I got used from a friend, (they had 21k miles).