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Bar-end mirrors ($9 x 2)

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Yes that's right -- I got those very nice bar-end mirrors for just $9 each. At first I was dead set on getting a couple from Moto Works, but 150 bucks doesn't really correspond to what you get. Fortunately, I found some cheap but still yet very nice & functional -- the so-called Third Eye mirror sold over the Internet. If you decide to do this mod to your bike, you ought to put a mirror on each side; never mount only a single one since the wind at higher speeds will force the bike to lean over to one side. Those mirrors have a 3 inch convex mirror made of real glass, and can be purchased from:

310 Lake Street
Oak Park, Illinois 60302
phone: 800-323-4083, (outside US: +1 708-383-5541)
email: licktons@lickbike.com