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Ducati 890 Progetto

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My latest bike is built from a wrecked Ducati 748. I have bored the motor to 890cc, and it has all of Nichols Mfg parts, including: flywheel, clutch-basket, engine bolts, oil-breather, brake rotor, and rear-sets. The bodywork, including the tank, are all carbon fiber. For aerodynamic purposes, the cooler is relocated to the front below the windscreen and facing backwards. The bike has a unique light-weight 1 1/4-inch thin-wall chromoly frame, built by Doug Cook, which optimizes weight distribution by rotating the engine 10 degrees downward and moving it forward (the horizontal cylinder head nearly rubs on the front tire). This frame design also offers greater adjustability than stock, with variable rake, trail, wheelbase, ride height, and shock leverage ratio (for the Ohlins shock). For further weight savings, there is no starter- motor but instead only a kick-starter custom-made by Nichols Mfg. The light-weight snub-nose pipes are made by Kirk Young. The entire bike weighs less than 310 pounds dry!! The paintjob is done by Rand Doubleman. All right, admittedly I'm a compulsive liar -- this bike exists only as a Photoshop project... but please feel free to give me some funding so this beauty can become reality. For pledges; contact me ;^)