By Paul Batchelor

Auria is a musical XYZ interface, time-scrubbing phase vocoder, and multieffects processor.

Auria is written C/C++ using OpenGL, RTAudio, Soundpipe, and Sporth.


Hear a little bit of what Auria can sound like here

The latest code can be found on CCRMA's gitlab here

Auria is built to explore three major ways musicians interface with computers:

  • Peripherals: The core interface of Auria is the F310 Logitech Gamepad, a robust, low-cost controller.

  • Code: Auria is built on top of the Sporth audio programming language, which allows the user to create and tweak any sound they'd like. Sporth code can be recompiled on-the-fly, allowing for seamless experimentation of ideas.

  • Live input: Using JACK audio, live input (vocals, guitars, and ukuleles) can processed through Auria.


Auria needs GLUT/OpenGL, Soundpipe, and Sporth.

After you have met these dependencies, simply run 'make' in the top level directory.

Running a trivial example

To try out Auria, run this command:

./auria space.sp

Hit "A" (the green button), and move around with the left joystick. When you move, you will create a blue path. Up/Down on the right joystick will cause.

Hitting "A" again will go into "freeze" mode. Use the up/down of the joystick to navigate through the path you drew and scrub through time.

Running a less trivial example

Run the file "ambient.sp" to see a more compositional patch:

./auria ambient.sp

In this instance, there is no joystick control, but there is live input.

Here are the controls:

'A': Toggles between freeze mode and Sporth mode.

'B': fade in/out

'X': Toggles duplex mode. Enable this in Sporth mode to get Sporth code to run in Freeze mode.

'Left Button': triggers an FM drone.

'Left Joystick': When duplex mode ('X') is disabled, you can scrub through audio in Freeze mode.