Zaum is under (constant?) construction.

Zaum is a sound theatre piece arising from a collaboration between Caroline Wilkins and Oded Ben-Tal.

Coined by Russian poet Khlebnikov, Zaum means beyond mind

Zaum is used to describe the experiment in sound symbolism and linguistic creation of Russion Futurist poets such as Khlebnikov and Kruchenykh.

We are gradually composing Zaum through graphic and sonic sketching, discussions, and hours of experimenting on our own and together.

Zaum is an interactive performance between Caroline, Oded, and a computer.

Caroline sketched some of the material. These are scanned excerpts from the scores.

And we recorded short sections as part of the development process.

This 'aria' was written by Oded (getting Caroline's range completely wrong) with Zaum poetry added by Caroline later.