Thanks for visiting my home page for some reason, and I'm sorry that these pages haven't been updated very much since the HTML1.0 era (1994).)

Hi! This is Naoki,

aka Nicky to some people.

To those who have followed Evil Bob's Rick link, Click here to see my love in my hands.

To those who can display Japanese characters, please try my home page in Japan.

To those who are interested in the relationship between the cable capacitance and passive electronics as to the bass tone, check this out.

If you're interested in some bass effects, you may want to check out here for some article on bass effects..

For those who just want to see my J-bass/P-bass, just click here to see the list of my basses. Some pics are not available yet.

Above link also includes my current gears; watch out for GAS attack!

I recently took over the mailing list admin. of Japanese Bottom Line, a bass dedicated mailing list for Japanese. Almost all messages are in Japanese, let me know if you want to study Japanese on line:-)

Naoki "Nicky" Shibata, visiting researcher('93-'94)
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
Music department, Stanford Univ.
Stanford, CA 94305-8180