LED 16-stepper

A 16 step sequencer that can go from long tones to textural blips, establish rhythmic patterns, and play the role of a drum machine or melodic synthesizer.





Production Build: MacOS

Unity files here


For this project, I took design inspiration from modular synthesizer components, specifically 16-step CV controllers. I tried to recreate the functionality digitally. To be honest, I spent so much time on basic functionality – which I'm proud of! – that it ended up not being the most fun project. There is so much more I would've loved to implement with time. It took me a while to break out of the Chickencer mold and really get a feel for how the interplay between Unity and Chunity works. But towards the end, it started to become a lot more intuitive and natural, and I was able to implement things relatively quickly. With another week... I have a whole list of things I wouldve loved to have time to implement.




Next steps – I need to figure out how to make the sliders work for tempo, volume, start/stop, etc. – how graphic elements interact with the mouse, and then how graphical positions in space can alter parameters in the ChucK script. Then I need to make it so that you can turn individual steps of the sequencer on and off, and chang ethe sound. Eventually, the squares should become little sliders.... it's a lot of work, but hopefully a breakthrough on some fundamental mechanisms will allow it all to happen relatively quickly.

Pros: I have the basic mechanism of the sequencer working, in a grid pattern, with the LED glow effect and the fundamnetal sound I'm going for. 

Cons: Having major difficulty with mouse interaction (clicking, dragging, etc), ChucK / Unity interaction, and fluidly changing sequencer patterns.




The idea with some of the inspirations below is to take the aesthetics of the design and totally disregard the intended functionality. How can I take these 1970s retro synths, with their lines and measurements and colors, and make them dynamic and interesting digitally?

synth inspo 1

synth inspo 2

synth inspo 3

Would love to try to include this light monitor + speaker setup...

More information...

synth inspo 4



sketch ideas 1 and 2

sketch idea 3