Notes on how to run jacktrip on a CCRMA server with a macOS Mojave client


These notes came from attending Chris Chafe's Music 153b class online via Zoom in April 2020, when it became more important than ever to do online jamming for "obvious reasons".

These notes are informal and assume you are familiar with linux, macOS and audio apps.

Chris Chafe, Matt Wright and others are the experts in this area, these are just my preliminary notes and they are not intended to be part of any official CCRMA/jack documentation, which is here:


IETF archives


JACK Trip blog

Jack Trip Setup video

Please feel free to comment and correct and clarify - Nick Porcaro 4/25/2020 nick at ccrma dot stanford dot edu

Quick Instructions - Linode

- Restart your internet connection from scratch

- Login into Linode:

- Create a server in your area from a backup

- Once it's running ssh onto the linode server and start
  jackd and jacktrip

  ssh root@IPADDR
  cd jacktrip/builddir
  jackd -ddummy -r48000 -p128 &
  ./jacktrip -Sz -p4 -q24

- Then on the mac:
  - Start Logic: Use blackhole16
  - Start qjackctl:
    Use aggregate device (eg: NickDevice which has iPad, Tascam,
    mic and blackhole16)

- Make sure the round trip time is reasonable:

  ping IPADDR

- Start jacktrip using the compressor if you can:

  jacktrip -Oow -C IPADDR -q8 -n1

- But if not:

  jacktrip -C IPADDR -n1 -q8

Quick Instructions - CCRMA

- Setup Jack and jacktrip by following these instructions:

- Connect to CCRMA and start jackd using qjackctl:

- Terminal on local computer

  ssh -Y

- Terminal at CCRMA

  killall jackd
  qjackctl &
  cd ~cc/jacktrip/src
  ./jacktrip -Sz -p4 -q24

- Open another terminal at CCRMA and start meterbridge if you want to see levels

  meterbridge -t dpm x x x x x x x x

- Ask other people for their ip addresses, so you can meter them:

  curl | sed -e 's/$//g'

- Start the on your mac, do a mic check:

  jacktrip -C -n1 -q8

  If you are on the jos branch as of 11/13/2020 you can do this
  to see a histogram display:

    jacktrip -x2 -Oow -n2 -C

    If the Internet is dicey, then sacrifice the test channel:

    jacktrip -Oow -n1 -C

- Start your DAW and connect to JackRouter

- Make sure all the qjackctl connections are correct.

Detailed Instructions