The Knoll - Stair A 

A Sonic Experience
Nima Farzaneh 

​Music and the Brain 2022: Sound, Space, and the Aesthetics of the Sublime​

May 21-23 - CCRMA, Stair A

​This installation is based on the space's acoustics properties and uses movement as an essential part of the sonic experience.

With my desk adjacency to this stairwell and climbing up and down it dozens of times a day, I wondered how this volume of sound and light shapes my moment-to-moment experience. Not having any view of the outside brings one's attention to herself and her imagination.
Sweeping through bass tones and pausing on resonant frequencies traps sound energy in this vertical shaft and creates a sonic corridor with peaks and valleys that wrap around a moving body. In addition, each entrance and exit from the room overlays an external soundscape - some abstract, some metaphoric.