Listening to Isfahan

220C - FALL 2023 - Nima Farzaneh

The auralization of a Walk-through in Isfahan Naqsh-e-Jahan Square

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This project is aimed at creating a documentary-style virtual reality (VR) experience with a spatial audio soundtrack that immerses the listener in the sounds of Isfahan's old fabric. The audio is a combination of field recordings and musical compositions in prominent spaces, taking into account the acoustical properties of the room, listener, and source position. This project was undertaken as part of the Sound in Space course (Music 222) and is an excellent example of the intersection between technology, art, and culture. The use of a Persian wind instrument called "Ney" for the composition adds a unique touch to the piece, based on the introduction of one of Iranian music's "dastgah," which is equivalent to maqam in Arabic music. The three-dimensional space and geometry of the area are used to create new layers that are intertwined, making the experience truly immersive.

Week 1

Here is a presentation that summarizes my above statement