Drum City 3000

Nina Chen
Music 256a - Final Project


Drum sequencer + Sim City!


For fun and casual or experimental drum pattern making.
Target audience: children or experimental drummers

What is it?

A grid based drum sequencer that can have effects applied to it like the disasters in Sim City.

Users can place drum patterns on a set grid, and then the effects that are applied can move/modify the existing patterns.
This encourages experimental gameplay because the beat pattern will change each time the user interacts with it.


Based in C++, using OpenGL for the graphical interface and SDL (www.libsdl.org) for the audio output.

The game is designed for singleplayer, offline play.


A basic screen with no effects.

Be careful when using fire; it spreads quickly!

Use other favorite disaster effects, like earthquakes and locusts! Further instructions are included in-game.

Nina Chen, Fall 2010