The Life of Ping

I met Ping at 22 Rue du Pont Neuf in Paris sometime in late 2003... he was yelling "take me with you!" from a small shop window (on the left of 22 in Google's street view)... He said he liked Linux a lot so I could not leave him there...

After traveling all over the world for many years (see below), Ping is getting ready to meet again with a bunch of Linux geeks at LAC 2019, CCRMA, Stanford, California. See below for pictures of Ping and his friends at several LAC group pictures - Ping went on a trip without Nando for the first time for LAC2015, peguins do grow up and become independent.

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Sunny California and The Knoll from the second floor balcony overlooking the backyard (Ping is saying "come to CCRMA, it's going to be yet another cool LAC!").

Sometimes concerts can be a bit loud! Here's Ping in front of one of the main speakers in the CCRMA Stage.

The Travels of Ping

Since 2003 Ping has been traveling all over the world to many conferences in my backpack!.

The LAC crowd in 2003, just outside the Kubus in ZKM. This was the first LAC I attended (the first was the LAD booth at Linuxtag). In 2003 Ping was still living in Paris (he was born somewhere in China and moved in a big container to France at some unknown point in time)... So he is not in the picture yet.

After moving from Paris to California, Ping started attending LAC in 2004, here he is in ZKM. Andrea Glorioso is holding an unnamed (AFAIK) penguin, Ping made friends with him, of course.

Again at Karlsruhe in 2005

In 2006 Ping stayed at his new Stanford home for the opening of the newly renovated CCRMA building, so no picture for that year.

In a BIG crowd at TU Berlin in 2007

Cologne in 2008

Off to Parma, Italy in 2009!

And then The Netherlands in 2010! (you can see the "official" penguin as well)

Ireland (2011)...

In 2012 LAC took place at CCRMA! This is a picture of Ping and his friends right after Dave Phillips's keynote address at the CEMEX Auditorium:

LAC 2012 @ CCRMA is now over and Ping was really happy to be able to meet again with all the GNU/Linux and Free Software enthusiasts from all over the world that this time came to visit him at home. (2012)...

LAC 2013 @ IEM, Graz, Austria, is over. Ping made new friends and a good time, this time in Europe and more relaxed than last year. (2013)...

LAC 2014 @ ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. (2014)...

LAC 2015 @ Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. (2015)...

Now if you look closely enough at the LAC 2015 picture you will notice that Ping is there, but Nando is nowhere to be found. Yes, this is the second time I have missed LAC - I was teaching and had a guest lecturer coming in just that week for Master Classes and concerts (in the context of Music 222 "Sound in Space"). Ping was pissed off and saw no reason to miss LAC just because I was not going. Enter Romain Michon. He was happy to give Ping a ride in his backpack so that Ping could go and visit his friends in Germany. In the group picture he is with Albert Gräf, main organizer of LAC 2015.

The Keynote Address by Romain Michon (2015)... Picture by Yannic Gräf

Ping was actually in the keynote address delivered by Romain Michon! (on behalf of Julius Smith who could not attend because of health problems).

LAC 2017 @ Jean MONNET University, Saint-Etienne, France. (2017)...

Ping was again in a trip together with Romain Michon. I was busy teaching Music222 and getting ready for the Spring CCRMA concerts in Bing, and missed LAC. Ping is now old enough to travel alone, or at least in Romain's backpack (Ping is making new friends all the time, they also went to NIME!).

The Keynote Address by Paul Davis (2017)... Picture by Rui Nnuno Capella

Looks like Ping is getting used to being in the first row...

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