Final Project: Roomstep

By Michael Wood


This is it. The culmination of all my work...ending in a result I had no idea I would reach when I started this project. Honestly, I was thinking I would end up with something a lot closer to this than what I actually ended up with.

I present Roomstep, an experience in which you overlook a room (via isometric projection, not perspective!) and interact with a computer screen (within the one you're already looking at, of course) to alter the way various music tracks play. One slider moves only up and down, another just side-to-side, and the last both. As you interact with the tracks, objects around the room will react in spontaneous ways.


Use the mouse to drag the sliders on the computer screen near the center of your view and change the musical properties of various tracks.


Screenshot of Roomstep where the room features little action.
Screenshot of Roomstep when multiple tracks are playing.

Video demonstration


If I ever figure out what's wrong with building a game with Chunity in Unity, I'll link a download here!