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Just got back from Tokyo Demo Fest 2014.  I've been moderately
interested in demo music for quite some time, and still remember the
one demo my dad had installed on the Amiga 500 we would borrow over
the summer.  So when I found out that there was a demoparty happening
in Japan I had to go check it out.

It was great.  I saw a lot of really awesome demos (including some
from other demoparties in previous years).  The demo that won the
competition this year really blew me away.

CCRMA obviously is music-focused whereas demos have a strong emphasis
on graphics, and a lot of people at CCRMA prefer designing interactive
media than non-interactive media, but I think a lot of CCRMAlites
would make big impacts on the scene if they chose.  A couple people I
met seemed interested in the physical modeling stuff in the Wilsynth
(which I still need to overhaul).

I'm inspired to try to make something for next year assuming I'm still
in Japan.

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