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I got the raw audio from my modulations set, and gave it a listen.  I
had too many mistakes to release it as-is, but it's serving me well as
a guide for producing a final releaseable version.

I've upgraded to Fedora 17, and with that comes a new version of
Rosegarden.  When I started modifying the files from Modulations I was
getting a lot of weird behavior - levels were off, random events were
dropping out, things like that.  I hooked up my MIDI event translator
and figured out that a lot of behavior I had been relying on had
changed between releases.

What I ended up doing was just adding MIDI events to set all my
controllers and program changes manually, and unchecked everything I
could find for Rosegarden's automatic program change and control

Even after doing this I was very frustrated because the volume, pan,
and reverb seemed to reset every time a new sequence started.  I broke
things into multiple sequences just to make it easier for me to work
(I really like this feature in Rosegarden).  But I couldn't figure out
how to get it to stop doing this.

I tried deleting the controllers in the MIDI devices manager.  But
occasionally when I would open the file again it would reset to the
default device, probably because some standard controllers were
missing.  And then all my controllers were overridden by the default
values.  I should also note that whenever a controller is added or
removed from a MIDI device all of the controllers reset to their
default values.  I almost lost all of my panning and volume data, but
fortunately .rg files are just XML so I was able to read it in gedit
from a backup.

I finally found a solution:

If you want to use the device and its Instruments but don't want the
controllers sent:
Studio->Manage MIDI Devices->Controllers... and edit the controllers
so they are ""

This seems to be working so far, and my project is a lot cleaner
having all the control information in the MIDI stream instead of
stored in the Rosegarden project file.  But I ended up spending a lot
of time on this, and more than a few times I considered the
possibility that I would have to switch to a different tool.

I'm glad I didn't have to do that.  Rosegarden has gotten so much
better since I first started using it years ago, and I know that my
usage case is a bit esoteric but I'm glad that I can make it work.

I do want to write my own sequencer at some point but I definitely
don't have the bandwidth to do that right now.

In any event, I should have some music posted before the end of the
month.  I can't believe I haven't posted anything since November of
last year.  I had a personal goal to release something every month,
but that obviously didn't pan out.  Once I'm graduated and have
everything sorted out I hope I can at least hit that target; we'll


Looks like I spoke too soon.  Even with all the controllers hidden it
seems like Rosegarden is still sending volume and panning values at
the start of each sequence (and is also sending a reset all
controllers - something that doesn't seem like a good thing to do).
Looks like I'll still have to search for a solution or switch to a
different sequencer.

Also, it seems like changing the studio file doesn't work unless you
export then re-import it.  If you don't it will maintain until you
close the program and re-open it, but it doesn't seem to be saved.

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