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I've been working on my SLOrk final project.  Something that bothered
me about the chamber music piece we did is that we had to hardcode the
hostnames of the server and client.  I was handling networking and I
tried to do it in a generic way, but it still required us to each be
on a specific machine which wasn't ideal.

I talked with Ge and he said that you can use the multicast IP address to broadcast to every system on a subnet.  So I made the
clients for this piece advertise to this address, and the server would
add them to a list and send an acknowledgment when it got a message.
I coded it up but couldn't test it until today; it seemed to work
well!  This is going to be a big help since the final piece will
involve 16 computers instead of the 4 we used for the chamber music

I have a lot more work to do on this piece though.  I'm just working
by myself on it so there are a lot of little pieces I have to get

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