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I met with my undergraduate advisor, André DeHon, and his research
group last Friday.  They attend the annual International Symposium on
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays in Monterey, California.  This was the
20th anniversary of the conference, and as part of that 25 papers were
selected as the most significant papers from the history of the
conference.  The 2004 paper I worked on with André (Nanowire-Based
Sublithographic Programmable Logic Arrays) was selected as one of
them, which was great news.

I was really lucky to have him as an advisor.  Working in his lab and
taking classes from him had a huge impact on my intellectual growth.
Even though I've switched fields from reconfigurable computing to
music technology, that basis is serving me well and will for the rest
of my life.

It was good to reconnect, albeit briefly, and to see that they're
doing well too.  It looks like soon all the grad students in his group
that I knew from Caltech will be graduating, so I'm especially glad I
made it down this year.

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