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Finally into final project mode.  I think I underestimated this term;
nothing has been unreasonably hard but I've had some sort of deadline
coming up pretty much constantly.  Through judicious use of extensions
and working through the weekends I've been keeping up, but I'm
definitely looking forward to next term when I'll only take two
classes and will have more time to work on projects and decompress.

I'm glad I'm taking all the courses that I am now, but I do wish I
could have spread things out a bit more.  Too late for that now.  Only
a few more weeks of this at least.

The deadline for Modulations is the end of March.  I want to get a
piece together that involves me playing the synthesizer I've been
working on in my spare time (it's on hold for now).  I think I'll have
enough time to get that together.

I also think I want to resequence the chiptune album I was working on
to use the aforementioned synthesizer.  It will take more time but I
think the additional control I'll have over the sound will be worth
it.  The more I worked on them the more I felt that something was
lacking in the sound; this will give me a chance to fix that.

I also realized another thing that was lacking - this is my first term
at CCRMA where I haven't had a course that involved writing a piece of
music.  I definitely miss it.  Without the excuse of doing it for
credit I've been letting my compositions slide.  Modulations will be a
good motivator, but maybe I'll find some time to crank something out
before then.

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