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I had my one and only midterm today in 150.  I forgot how to derive a
couple of things but overall I think it went fine.

Here's my midterm report on courses:

150  - I think the course is giving me an intuition about various
       aspects of acoustics.  Even though it's not very rigorous I'm
       enjoying the material.

318  - This has been great.  We've been talking about piano acoustics
       which is very interesting to me (I want to get some physically
       modeled piano in my synthesizer soon).  Also the concert hall
       acoustics section is fun.  Tom Rossing isn't pulling punches in
       this one; we've looked thermodynamics equations and
       differential equations; it's been several years since I've
       studied these but it's nice to see them come up again.  I want
       to do a lot of reading for this course but I've been a bit busy
       with 421 and 422.  I'm going to try to devote a bit more time
       to it in the second half of the quarter.

421a - It's actually been pretty manageable.  I think Julius and Juhan
       are trying really hard to keep the workload reasonable.  I
       definitely appreciate this!  I don't know if I'd say I'm
       keeping up with everything we're talking about anymore, but I'm
       definitely staying on top of the workload and getting some
       initial ideas for next term's project.

422  - This is the one that's keeping me up at night.  Perceptual audio
       coding is actually extremely interesting, but the assignments
       have had a lot of small details that take a lot of time to
       figure out.  I'm still learning how to debug and think about
       these kinds of problems but I'm finally starting to get a
       handle on things.  Jorge, the TA, helped a lot with this.

It's been pretty busy but I think I'm on track to finish off the term

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