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Wieslaw Woszczyk, from McGill University, visited CCRMA today.  He
worked on The Virtual Haydn project and has experience with measuring
room acoustics and producing auralizations.

Jonathan, Wieslaw and I visited Stanford's Memorial Church.
Jonathan, Rob (one of the visiting scholars) and I had made some
measurements there last week with the Visisonics microphone.  Today
the organist was there and played a few short pieces.  The organ in
the church is very large, and the main organ has a fully mechanical
action.  Apparently it is difficult to play when the stops are all
pulled.  It sounded really good.  I'd like to investigate organ music
more someday.

It has been very good to start courses again.  There's something
special about CCRMA during the term.  Lots of people around working on
projects and exchanging ideas.  I think it will be a good quarter.

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