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I was a MA/MST student at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Accoustics.

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I have been very busy recently.  As part of the Icons of Sound project
one of the PhD students and I are going to Istanbul today (I'm writing
this a couple hours before I have to leave for the airport).  There
were a lot of things to take care of in preparation but I think we're

In the meantime I got to attend some interesting events at Stanford:

First, I attended a SiCa exchange with some of the film students.  I
will write more about this later but suffice it to say that it was a
lot of fun and I was impressed.  I would like to collaborate with a
filmmaker sometime.

Then there was a concert at CCRMA.  There were some great performances
and a lot of interesting sounds, as tends to be the norm.

And I went to the final presentations for 250a.  This year it was more
of a concert format than my year, which I thought was good.  It was
nice to see what people are doing with the new BeagleBoard.

I will write more when I get back from Turkey and have a chance to get
caught up on things.

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