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It has been a while since my last entry.  I have had some musical
experiences in the meantime:

First, a few weeks ago I went to downtown Hamamatsu with one of the
other interns and one of the places we stopped was the Yamaha store.
I tried out a C3 grand, a C6 grand, and a 10 million yen Boesendorfer
piano.  I'm extremely out of practice nowadays, but it was exciting
nonetheless (I believe this was the first time I have ever played a

The weekend before last I went to Kyoto with one of my coworkers.  One
of the places we visited was a 名曲喫茶(meikyoku kissa).  This is a
kind of coffee shop where they play classical music and you're not
allowed to talk.  The music is on records, and played over a rather
elaborate speaker setup with interesting baffles.  I really enjoyed
it.  There were several people there, reading things or having
something to drink or just relaxing.  They were playing Tchaikovsky's
Romeo & Juliet Overture when we came in, which was really nice to
listen to in its entirety.

Last weekend I went to Akihabara with a different coworker and one of
his friends.  We stopped by Dear Stage, a combination jpop idol live
house / restaurant / bar.  The first floor has a small stage where
singers perform (imagine something like professional-level karaoke,
complete with choreography).  The second and third floors are bar /
restaurants where the singers double as waitresses when they're not
singing.  It was, well, it was very cute.  There were オタ芸/ヲタ芸
(otagei), fans who dance and yell out phrases at certain times during
the songs.  Sometimes they would overpower the singers!  But it seemed
clear to me that the singers and the fans appreciated each other a
great deal.  It was fun!

Next week a couple of the other interns and I will get to tour
Yamaha's woodwind and piano factories, which I am looking forward to a
great deal.

As for my music, I finished one chiptune but I'm planning on making a
four-piece mini-album and want to post the entire thing at once.  So
no uploads yet.  But I haven't forgotten!

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