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I'm looking at lv2 plugin development again.

An important part of developing plugins is being able to test them.
For linux VSTs I used Jost.  For DSSI I used Rosegarden.  For lv2
there are a few options:

1) lv2_jack_host - nice and lightweight, but can't display UIs.

2) zynjacku / lv2rack - simple interface and GUI-enabled, but lv2rack
seems to only expose one set of inputs for all plugins so you can't
chain effects into each other.  This will probably be my go-to for
testing individual instruments and effects.

3) Ardour2 - great for doing production but not such a good interface
for live performance (rerouting effects is too slow).  Of course, that
is what Ardour is designed for so I can't really call it a fault.

4) Ingen - this seems like the one I want, but you have to compile it
from source and I am currently stuck on it not being able to find the
pthread library.  The current Fedora and Planet CCRMA packages also
don't include some necessary lv2 dependencies; I had to include these
manually from the lv2 subversion repository.

In any event, there is more than enough for me to play with for now.

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