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Second week of my internship is complete.

I definitely feel like my time at CCRMA has prepared me well for this
internship.  There have been several times when I already knew a good
route to take to solve a problem thanks to a course or project I've
done before.  Ge Wang's courses especially have been applicable to
my work here.

Today I went to a concert.  Two of the people in my group are in one
of the bands that played.  It was a lot of fun.

The format consisted of live performances interspersed with live DJ
sets.  There was a wide variety of styles of music (and yes the
Dubstep craze has reached Japan).  There were original pieces, several
cover bands ("copy bands" - my coworkers were in a group copying
Mr. Children), and the last act featured X, Doraemon, Jimi Hendrix and
God (God was on vocals).  There is another concert next week and I'm
planning on going.

It's always fun to go to live performances.  Hopefully there will be
more chances to do so in the coming months, especially since I'm going
to miss Transitions and Musicircus at CCRMA this year.

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