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The 220c concert went really well last Thursday.  My piece sounded
just like the soundcheck, and it was great seeing the other projects
and pieces.  I felt that there was a really nice mix of different
types of projects.  I will try to get a recording of my piece up soon.

I took my measurements for 222 on Friday.  It was nice to make some
progress on that project.  Still a lot to do, but all the remaining
steps should just require the computer and occasionally the listening
room; easier to gather together than the soundfield microphone, 15'
PVC pipe, and trashcan... I have no idea how good this is going to
sound when I'm done.

Yesterday was the memorial at CCRMA for Max Matthews.  My roommates
are remodeling and we've been busy moving things around so I didn't
make it to the memorial, but I heard the turnout was huge.

My fondest memory of Max would have to be him showing me his radio
baton (I wrote about this on 2010-11-03).  An all-around great guy.

220c and 420b are essentially done for me; just have to wrap up.  Two
more problem parts and then I'm done for my incomplete in 420a.  222
just needs the final project, and there's one homework, one project,
and a final exam for 424.  Things are rapidly coming to an end.

And finally, I have been holding off mentioning this on my blog until
the plans were solid, but I have an internship at Yamaha this summer
in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.  I am greatly looking forward to it.

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