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In 154 we read "Why Computer Music Sucks" and "Who Cares if You
Listen?"  Both very interesting, and thought-provoking.

I want to amend my statement from yesterday's post about music being
a "pure expression of emotion."  There are other perfectly valid ways
of coming up with music - such as sonification, mathematics,
algorithmic generation, etc.  I have heard some very interesting
results here from these efforts and even tried using these techniques
myself.  Even though these processes are arguably devoid of emotion
they do produce a musical result.

It's often difficult for me to explain what exactly it is we do here
at CCRMA, and I've talked with other MSTs who have the same problem.
Maybe the best answer is "I don't know... yet."  If we are researchers
pushing the boundary of computer music then that seems like a valid

When I first came here I expected to get a lot of training, get up to
speed on the state-of-the-art in computer music, and then go on my
merry way.  But now I'm finding that I'm starting to rethink some
things I took for granted about music.  I think that's a good thing;
maybe after more time thinking and experimenting I will be able to
evolve as a composer in some way.

But in the meantime I'll keep on doing whatever it is that I do.

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