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This week is packed!

Besides being the first week of courses, we were doing some signal
processing for recordings we took over the weekend for the research
project I'm working on, there is a concert and talk by Jean-Claude
Risset tonight, and CCRMA's Modulations concert is this weekend in San
Francisco.  Even though the courses I'm taking haven't assigned
homework yet I'm still pretty busy with finishing up 420 from last
quarter and getting things organized.

I feel like I haven't had much of a break, and some other MA/MSTs I've
spoken with feel the same way.  Spring break is only a week long and
Winter quarter is pretty tough in general.

I'm really glad I'm staying another year here.  The MA/MST program was
initially designed to help industry workers quickly expand their
skillset and go back into industry.  I think if that was my only goal
then a year could have been sufficient, but since I got involved in
some research it would be a waste for me to leave after this quarter
now that I'm finally up to speed.

Of course, research brings its own challenges.  I need to get some
publications out in a timely manner.

Also, the "Wilson Laugh" from my cover of Winter Wonderland is now
available at freesound.org:

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