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192b final presentations were today.  I heard lots of really amazing
stuff from the people in class, of a wide variety of styles.  There is
talk of potentially producing a compilation of the projects which I
think would be a great idea.

I really had a good time recording and mixing my piece.  I learned a
lot about not only technical things like microphone placement and Pro
Tools but also about working with musicians and about the artistic /
creative side to mixing and processing sound.  I think I'll do some
more studio recording if I get a chance.

I also finished the first part of my 220b final project.  I decided to
write an R&B love ballad, then remix it using granular synthesis into
a club dance song.  The ballad part is done, and I'll let you form
your own opinion about it if you choose to listen to it.

I used Ardour, a Linux digital audio workstation program, to do the
recording and editing for the 220b piece.  After learning about Pro
Tools in 192b, I was able to easily transition to Ardour (whereas
before it was mostly a big mystery to me).  I have heard it said that
once you learn one DAW you've learned them all; hopefully this is
mostly true!

Both pieces will be up on my music page soon.

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