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Learning some interesting things in 420:

Lagrange interpolation (higher-order case of linear interpolation) doesn't
have a flat magnitude response for all frequencies, but may maintain
flat frequency response for higher frequencies at the same order than
Thiran interpolation (higher-order case of allpass interpolation).
Sinc interpolation would be ideal, but since the sinc function is
infinite it can't be used directly in a computer-based system.  But a
windowed version can be.

Hopefully I stated that correctly.  This is one of those things that
seems strange and wonderful at first but I'm sure once I'm more
familiar with it it will become second nature.  I have felt that way
often during the DSP courses here.

Also, I was struggling with Audacity always connecting to outputs 9
and 10 on the mixer in Studio E when I wanted it to go straight to the
speakers.  Then Chris Carlson showed me that you can route 9 and 10 to
any of the speakers with the touch of a button.  The wonders of
digital mixers.

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