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I finally hit my stride yesterday.  This term is giving me a taste of
the research side of the audio world.  I'm having a great time
building tools and analyzing sounds for my research project with
Jonathan Abel, but I'm also seeing how there are far more topics to
explore than I could possibly investigate in my lifetime.  But far
from being depressing, it's exciting.  Probably means that I'm in the
right field.

Julius Smith has the following formula for deciding what's worth
doing:  (importance / ((# other people doing it)(difficulty))).
Seems pretty good to me.

It's hard to believe that the quarter is nearly half over.  I'll start
posting final project updates soon.

And here's a signal processing / filter design joke I came up with

Two DSP students met in the hall.  One of them said to the other, "Why
do you seem so down?"  The other replied "I asked the professor if
this is an all-pass course."  "What did he say?" queried the first.
Replied the second: "No, it's minimum-grade."

Well, good thing I'm not trying to be a comedian...

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