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I was a MA/MST student at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Accoustics.

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Due to various circumstances, this term has been off to a very slow
start for me.  I need to pick up the pace a bit to make sure I can do
everything I want to.

I wrote my first iPod Touch apps for 256b.  Pretty fun.  Getting used
to a new development environment was weird but also enjoyable.  I went
through a sort of highly-accelerated version of what I'd imagine never
having used a computer before must feel like - most things I did had
unexpected results (my memorized keyboard shortcuts were totally
wrong) but because the overall behavior was consistent I was able to
understand it as a system and adapt.  I also spent time observing
other people and asking them questions.  It makes me want to be
confronted with a completely foreign system just to see how quickly I
will be able to figure it out.  I guess that's what a lot of science
is about, actually.

In 420 I might get a chance to port some of the Sondius instruments to
the STK.  I had an old PCI soundcard that had Sondius on it back when
I was in high school, and it was my first real brush with physical
instrument models.  I was completely blown away by the demo songs, and
have always wanted to write some stuff for that card.  Unfortunately,
driver support ended with Windows 98.  But now I have a chance to
bring some of those sounds back and package them in a
freely-distributable format.  Julius Smith, who is teaching 420,
worked on the project and says he has the original source code and
instrument definitions (on a NeXT machine, no less)!

Maybe that's not the kind of thing you write a conference paper about,
but it would definitely mean something to me and I would like to use
them in some compositions.  And if I want to there's probably at least
one other person out there who wants to also.  And I'd imagine there
aren't a great number of people in a position to do something like
this.  In any event, it seems like a worthwhile task even if the only
person who ends up benefiting from it is me.

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