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I've had the first day of each class this term, so here are my initial

192b - Looks like we will do a lot of work with Pro Tools.  I'm going
       to try to record and mix something original for my final

220b - This looks like it will be more programming intensive than the
       first term.  It will combine implementation of classic
       synthesis techniques with algorithmic composition.  I'm
       definitely interested in the synthesis, and algorithmic
       composition is an area I don't know a lot about so I should
       learn some things here.

256b - Mobile music.  This is supposed to be more of a seminar format
       than first term.  Also they are loaning out MacBooks and iPod
       Touches for people that don't have their own devices so I can't
       really complain about that.

420 -  I think this course is going to be a bit different than I
       expected.  Homeworks are optional, no final; the only
       requirement is a final project and report.  I really want to
       solidify my mathematical understanding so I hope I have time to
       do both a good final project and do all the homeworks to my

Overall this term is going to be a lot more self-directed and project
based than last term.  Right now I'm a little overwhelmed with the
possibilities, but I'm sure they will solidify soon.

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