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Last lecture of the quarter was yesterday.  It was 320, and we went
over some of the demos and topics we touched upon at the beginning of
the term.  It was nice to understand them better, although I wouldn't
quite say that I've mastered the material yet.  It was also nice to
look up at the FFT, DFT, transfer function, and difference equation
that have been preserved on the whiteboard since the beginning of term
and view them as old friends instead of new mysteries.  Final exam is
on Monday; hopefully it will go well!

256a is nowhere near the state I want it to be in.  I'm trying to
integrate UPF's SMStools into my (currently sine wave only) sequencer.
I was planning on using a lot of Thanksgiving break to work on this
but I got sick instead.  Thanks a lot, germs.

There is still time to get something done but I have a feeling that no
matter what I do at this point I won't be satisfied with it.  Still,
I'll do my best.

We do have three weeks between terms.  I'll try to spend some of that
time working on things I didn't have time to do during the term.

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