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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm up at CCRMA working on my 220a final project.  It's a piece of
music written in the ChucK programming language (which my advisor and
his advisor originated).

I had some very specific ideas of how I wanted to structure my code,
and how I wanted the end result to sound.  As I've been working on it
I'm finding that things aren't turning out exactly as I planned.

On the programming side, both misconceptions I had about the language
and apparent bugs or unimplemented language features got in my way a
bit.  But I'm pretty sure that I've found ways to work around all of
those for the time being.

On the sound side, I'm still not comfortable enough building my own
sounds from scratch to really get the timbres I desire.  ChucK has a
somewhat eclectic set of built-in sounds from the STK, all of which
are nice but distinctive.  I would like to make my own sounds, or at
least my own versions of the models I'm using, but I think I won't
have time.

It's not necessarily a bad thing.  At this point I'm treating the
project more as an exploration than anything else.  Getting
comfortable with a new tool takes time, but using a new tool can force
you to do things in different ways which sometimes can produce a great

I would still like to have the capacity to translate what's in my head
into actual sound somewhat faithfully.  That's part of what I hope to
gain by the time I'm done with my studies here.

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