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Today was our live networked concert with New York.

That's right, realtime networked music across the nation!

It was fun.  During soundcheck we could hear the reverberation of
their hall (very spacious) on our stage (not as spacious) through our
speakers.  There were three performances: Miya Masaoka on her koto,
then a duet with Miya and Chris Chafe on his Celletto (a hand-built
electric cello), then the full SoundWire (Stanford) and
Tinntinnabulate (New York) ensembles.

The piece was a little abstract and open to interpretation.  Some
people came up with some pretty gnarly licks.  I wonder what it
sounded like on the other side.

In other news, I've been thinking a lot about getting a new keyboard.
I went to browse yesterday and found some nice boards, but didn't
really find quite what I was looking for (an arranger workstation with
88 weighted keys that I can fit in my very small car).  So I'm now in
the process of using my netbook as a synthesis engine for my current
keyboards... it's working ok but will probably require a bit of
tweaking before it's really what I want.

In the meantime there is plenty of classwork to do!

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