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It's been quite the week.  I ended up having to take extensions on
256 and 320.  Hopefully I can avoid that in the future.

The AES conference is this weekend.  Conference attendees came by
CCRMA today to see what we had to show.  I showed my mini-instrument:

Mike's mini instrument breadboard

Mike's mini instrument

It's an accelerometer in a foamcore frame which plays an STK physical
model of shaken instruments.  The physical model was made by Perry
Cook and Gary Scavone.  Rotating the frame changes synthesis
parameters like number of objects, resonance, etc.  Shaking it harder
makes the sound louder.  It's very simple, but very satisfying to use.

There are also a couple of buttons on top of the frame which actuate
solenoids which strike plastic tubes.  The tubes don't make as much
noise as I was hoping though.  Accelerometer is definitely the main
attraction here.

I have some video footage of Bill Verplank playing it but I need to
convert it to make it suitable to upload to the web.  Once I do it
will probably be easier to understand what I'm talking about.

And since I'm posting pictures, here's a shot of one of my mic setups
in the recording studio for a 192 assignment:

Recording studio

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